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Salyu 0

A video via YouTube of Salyu – Doing the multichannel overdub thing – from S(o)undbeam – what turned out to be a very cool album.

Crystals from the Colossus – Shida ZRF 0

Impressive dynamic work..

STS 124 – Launch with Sound 0

I love everything about this video but most of all I love the sound…the nearly intolerable noise giving over to variation and to silence..

Written Images Book Project 0

The Written Images Book Project – now shipped. The original call for a project showcasing the work of 72 generative artists. 72 application churning out unique versions on every print of every work. Lots of fun questions posed here….

Nina Simone – I Got Life 0

Keeping this here – sad and strong all at once… Nina Simone live…

Maurizio Anzeri – Courtesy of Today and Tommorw 0

Think these came via – the site that keeps on giving. I have ffffound so much and learn of so many talented designers and creators – many well beyond the main stream. It confuses me that things like pinterest all of a sudden take-off – It seems to me the most valuable corners of the network are highly curated often in ways that are ‘elicted and involuntary’ – corners of intense difference and so ,vitality…

Writing Room 0

I need a writing room like this – I love what seems to be a reconfigurable window that is always incomplete – always implicating the virtual. and everything else just clean and free of distraction. And no wifi allowed..

The Freedom of Exclusion: Australian ccTLD policy. (2002) 0

This is an old essay but there is enough historically relevant information and analysis here for it to be of some value. Some of it is indeed cringeworthy as it was written in 2002 – The issues raised are however very relevant to to contemporary arguments surrounding internet governance – particular the emphasis of current [...]


LAST FM and the Music Multiverse 0

I’ve been going over a lot of my unpublished material. Found this still quite relevant paper from 2007 – written with Ross Harley and Andrew Murphie. There is a lot here about emerging media economies and analysis of metadata systems and user generated content. Probably needs updating now with some analysis of and [...]