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LAST FM and the Music Multiverse 0

I’ve been going over a lot of my unpublished material. Found this still quite relevant paper from 2007 – written with Ross Harley and Andrew Murphie. There is a lot here about emerging media economies and analysis of metadata systems and user generated content. Probably needs updating now with some analysis of and [...]

Social Media, Marketing, and the Vitality of the Network. (Part 1/2) 0

This is adapted from an edited discussion opened my Mark Pesce; Futurist, media networker, and commentator after I (amongst others) objected to the Social media strategy employed by Australian telecommunications company, Telstra, in the promotion of their service offering the HTC Desire mobile phone. In short the strategy involved a ‘competition’ to take part in [...]

Social Media, Marketing, and the Vitality of the Network. (Part 2/2) 0

It is useful to think through what other ways corporate and interest voices might speak in social spaces….it’s an interesting conundrum and a minefield for any interest (corporate or otherwise) and/or author. For me its interesting once we understand the corporate as just another form of interest voice – what I am saying here applies [...]