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Salyu 0

A video via YouTube of Salyu – Doing the multichannel overdub thing – from S(o)undbeam – what turned out to be a very cool album.

Crystals from the Colossus – Shida ZRF 0

Impressive dynamic work..

STS 124 – Launch with Sound 0

I love everything about this video but most of all I love the sound…the nearly intolerable noise giving over to variation and to silence..

Written Images Book Project 0

The Written Images Book Project – now shipped. The original call for a project showcasing the work of 72 generative artists. 72 application churning out unique versions on every print of every work. Lots of fun questions posed here….

Nina Simone – I Got Life 0

Keeping this here – sad and strong all at once… Nina Simone live…

Maurizio Anzeri – Courtesy of Today and Tommorw 0

Think these came via – the site that keeps on giving. I have ffffound so much and learn of so many talented designers and creators – many well beyond the main stream. It confuses me that things like pinterest all of a sudden take-off – It seems to me the most valuable corners of the network are highly curated often in ways that are ‘elicted and involuntary’ – corners of intense difference and so ,vitality…